Saturday, October 6, 2018

JNUC 2018 - Device Enrollment: under the hood - Resources

Here are the resources referenced in my 2018 JNUC session - Device Enrollment: under the hood

Apple Support Articles

Use Device Enrollment

TCP and UDP ports used by Apple Software

Get Started using Apple Business Manager with Mobile Device Management

If you aren’t getting Apple push notifications

If you service or replace a device in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager

Find Apple Customer Numbers, DEP Reseller ID and DEP Reseller ID

Apple Documentation

Apple System Status Page

Device Enrollment Program Guide

Apple Deployment Programs Help

Deployment Reference

MDM Protocol Reference

AppleCare Connect DEP API guide

Third party references

MicroMDM wiki - Troubleshooting MDM and DEP

Using Terminal at the setup assistant

Showing the language chooser screen after reinstalling macOS



Creating VMs that work with Device Enrollment

Duo Security - MDM Me Maybe

Demystifying MDM: open source endeavors to manage Macs - Jesse Peterson and Victor Vrantchan

Getting MicroMDM working and working with MicroMDM – Jesse Peterson

A Deep Dive into macOS MDM (and how it can be compromised)

A Push Odyssey: Journey to the Center of APNS | JNUC 2017